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SiQR is an assistance service for restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and all establishments where guests get in contact with paper documents: for example the day's menu, information about shows and exhibits, or lists of services.

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In order to protect the public health during the COVID-19 period, business owners have to sanitize these documents. A necessity that raises the already steep costs that the pandemic has brought.

Furthermore, workers have to bring and collect these documents between clients, acts that raise risks of spreading the virus.

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SiQR lets guests choose between paper documents or scanning a QR code, bringing forth a digitalized version of the document on their own cellphones.

And that's not all! SiQR is the only digitalized document service that is completely usable by people with reduced eyesight, thanks to the simple code techniques adopted to make it accessible to all users.

SiQR helps to avoid

  • $

    and santizing of documents

  • 📄
    Exchanging hands

    while passing the documents back and forth between guests and workers

  • 🖨

    and re-laminating of frequently updated documents

  • Waste

    caused by all the paper, sanitizing material and plastic used

  • The need to have several


    for various languages

SìQR per alberghi
Menu digitali per ristoranti, bar ed altro

Our Solution:

Almost every kind of business could benefit from our solution in several ways, thanks to its flexibility due to the fact that we hand-write the source code and do not use content management systems (CMS).

    • Digital Menu
    • Not a PDF but hand-written source code
    • Translation to any language
    • Possible use of images, audio and video
    • Optional addition of further information and extended descriptions
    • Automatic bill calculator and splitter
    • Send the order via Email for delivery and take-out
    • A description of the hotel and services offered
    • A zoomable map of the area
    • Save the address, floor and room number
    • A list of important and useful places in the area
    • Links and contacts for useful sites and local services
    • A map of the exhibits
    • A multimedia description of the pieces
    • Optional invidual QR codes for each of the exhibits
    • A Map of the venue
    • A detailed description of the event
    • Useful links and contacts
    • Possible QR codes for each collection or product
    • Multimedia descriptions of the products
    • The history of the brand or store
    • Useful links and contacts
    • Links to customer service
    • The brands logo, colors and font
    • Personal or partner advertising banners
    • Analytics - Usage measurement and analysis
    • Newsletter signup for news and updates
    • Social media pages links

How does SiQR work?

Email us at toh@siqr.it

  • Attach the documents you would like to appear online.
  • We'll take care of the creation of the page, contents and QR code!
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The user is directed to your content on their own mobile device.

  • Suggest personalized content according to your guests' interests.
  • Present your texts in the language the user prefers
  • Deliver dynamic, multimedial and, most imporantly, updated content!
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